Wake Marquees


Wake and Funeral marquees are growing with popularity. Being one of the first companies to bring affordable, flexible wake marquee hire to Cookstown , Omagh, Dungannon and tyrone areas to this arena we pride ourselves in offering efficent service.

All sizes to suit any space around the house, with table, chairs and heating we can help take care of one less thing when you have alot more to be thinking off.

We try to get to you as quickly as possible and de-rig whenever suits you best and even have it taking down for when you and your family arrive home.

We work closely with alot of local funeral directors and feel free to ask them about our services also.

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Wake Marquees

Wake Marquee Hire

Wake Marquees especially throughout Tyrone are becoming increasingly popular.

Party-Town Marquee hire was one of first to offer this service at great value with huge ranges of Marquee sixes to suit every driveway.

Party-town is unrivalled in even perhaps Northern Ireland for range of sizes of private hire marquees.

We have yet to be beaten to fit a marquee around a house.

With full time dedicated staff all year round, we can attend to almost 100% of calls within first few hrs.

STEP 1: All you need to do is measure your area with measuring tape

STEP 2: CALL 07767048003 with sizes and details

STEP 3: Choose accessories


Sizes (in metres) start from;

POP-UPS     4m FRAMED         6m FRAMED      9m FRAMED         12m FRAMED

4 x 4m                   4 X 6m                  6 X 4m             9 X 3m                      same as 9m

6 x 3m                   4 X 8m                  6 X 6m             9 X 6m                           ,,

6 x 4m                   4 X 10m               6 X 8m              9 x 9m                          ,,

4 x 6m                   4 X 12m               6 x 10m            9 x 12m                        ,, 

                                                             6 x 12m            9 x 15m                        ,,

                                                             6 x 14m            9 x 18m                         ,,

                                               up to 6 x 40m joined    9 x 21m                       ,,

                                                                                       9 x 24m                         ,,

                                                                                       9 x 27m                         ,,

                                                                                       9 x 30m                        ,,

                                                                                       9 x 33m                         ,,

                                                                                       9 x 36m                        ,,